Kirkville, MT Ghost Town of the Month

kirkville2  Kirkville was a mill town founded in 1888 due to insufficient water resources to run a larger mill at Granite.  It reached a population of 125 people who   were mainly mill workers.  It is located a mile south of Philipsburg on Douglas Creek and can be seen from Philipsburg – just look for the two stacks on     the hillside.


 The main mill building was eight levels high, 150 ft wide and 450 ft long.  A tram line two miles long connected the mill at Kirkville with the Blaine      shaft at Granite.    The mill could process 200 tons of ore a day. In 1891, 50 stamps were added to the original 50.  At  that time the mill employed 500  men.  By 1908 Kirkville had changed its name to Clark and was no longer the thriving mill town it once was.  The United States Forest Service set fire to  the mill in1967 for safety reasons.   The twin chimneys made of brick and the stone portions survived.  The remains of a few house foundations and a  mine building still stand.  What remains is on private property but can still be visited for those who seek out ghost towns of Montana.

The current population is five people!  The center of town houses a modern mill and machine shop.  At one time Kirkville was the 3rd largest city in the region. Today all is quiet in Kirkville unless the occasional ore truck is coming down the road from the mine above.