Comet Ghost Town of the Month

comet01East of Basin, MT along ore creek stands the Comet mine and a scattering of dilapidated buildings that once made up this town. This area was once known for its placer and hard rock mining.  The first recorded mining at Comet was in 1875 and within a decade 21,000 tons of ore had been taken out.   At its peak in the 1880’s ~ 300 people lived in Comet and was void of people by World War I.  During 1877 and 1894 the local post office opened and closed 4 times.  In the 1920’s the the mine opened again and the mill was built in 1926. During the second boom, 300 men were employed. There were plenty of saloons to keep these men entertained. It was said to have 22 saloons during this time. In 1941, the mine was sold for salvage.  Vandals have scoured the place and have either broken or taken the doors and windows.   Most of the town lies on a patented claim and is privately owned and now open to the public. It is located 5 miles north of I-15 on High Ore Road between Boulder and Basin.





Montana Mining Ghosttowns by Barbara Fifer