Anaconda Cable Mine Ghost Town of the Month

The world’s largest gold nugget was found here and sold for $19,000 in the late 1800s.  The gold nugget was bought by W.A. Clark.  This is also the site of the Old Atlantic Cable Mine that was named as a tribute to the laying of the Trans-Atlantic cable and the camp that grew up around it simply took on the name, Cable.

Not much is lefCable Minet here; three cabins, a large barn with log sides topped by a weather vein.  Up the hill there is still a boarding house complete with  furniture in the upstairs bedroom. Higher up the hill stands the mill with firebricks, timbers and an iron boiler.

The price of gold that was pulled from the claims was high and rose as almost pure gold was mined. The pioneers of Cable had the reputation of being  hard working, intelligent men who were caring. An old toll road from Warm Springs to Granite and Southern Cross used to run through this town. Men  walked the toll road or paid a five cent toll to bring their horse and buggy or even more for teams and heavy wagons.

Built in the 1800’s the mining was irregular. In 1906 three shifts a day were operating in the mill. It began seeing more regular use at the turn of the 20th  century, but by 1940 was inactive as it remains to this day.

The Cable Mine is in the southwestern area of Montana located off the Pintler Scenic Route.   It’s between Drummond and Anaconda on Highway 1 and I-90 between Drummond and Deer Lodge.