New Chicago Ghost Town of the Month

new-chicago New Chicago was originally called West Chicago – located on the west bank of Flint Creek.  New Chicago was created to be a commercial trade and  transportation center between the junction of Mullan road, south of Drummond and Philipsurg.  The town had a Post Office where the founder of the  town, John A. Featherman, was the post master. It also included hotels, saloons, stables, blacksmith shop, Wells Fargo office, four mill and of course a  saloon.

A school was built in 1874 for pupils who run the gamut from six years to six feet.   The school was later restored and is now located in Drummond. The arrival of the railroad to Drummond in 1883 dashed the hopes and dreams of New Chicago as the town quickly became a ghost town. The town is no longer in existence – only the pasture stands in what was once a trade center. All other buildings have been moved to other locations for various uses.
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Ghost Towns of Montana by Donald C. Miller