Coffee for a Cause-Alzheimer’s Association

Ghost Town Coffee is proud to offer special addition coffee offerings, of which 20% of the sale proceeds go towards the respective organization. 

In 2018, we became an official Cause Marketing Partner with the Alzheimer’s Association through their Montana Chapter.  We were the very first company in Montana to make this commitment.    

Marla Joy Blend was created to raised needed funds for the Alzheimer’s Association while honoring someone close to us that we lost to Alzheimer’s disease in 2014.   Marla Joy was our mother who was first diagnosed with a form of dementia at the age of 61.  She succumbed to the disease 3 years later at the age of 64.  It wasn’t until her death, that the official diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease was able to be determined.   It’s now estimated that 5.7 million American’s live with Alzheimer’s.  Even with this incredible number of people affected, our knowledge of the disease is still murky at best.  This is why the work and research from organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association is vital to figuring out how to live with, diagnose, and possibly even find a cure for this disease.  If you’ve ever been personally involved with Alzheimer’s, you know the immense burden it places on families, caregivers, our health care system, and on our government.  

Please click here for our Marla Joy Blend offering page.

The Alzheimer’s Association website,, has a tremendous amount of information available and links to local chapters in your area.

Thank you!