Joy-Holiday Blend

Our 2018 Joy Holiday Blend is now available. 

For the 2018 edition of our Joy we combine our direct trade coffee from Honduran producer Irma Landaverde and a natural processed Ethiopia Guji Kercha.  The result is a well balanced, fruit forward coffee to bring warmth to the season.  We liken it to a warm, cozy blanket.   Irma Landaverde is a farmer that we met a few years ago while visiting the Las Capucas Coop in Honduras.  We have been buying coffee direct from her ever since.  Irma calls her farm Finca Mi Tazita.

The Ethiopia Guji Kercha is grown in an area that borders the popular Yirgacheffe region.  Natural Process coffees simply take the ripe, red coffee cherry fruit and sun dry them together on patios.

Honduras Irma Landaverde
Variety: Catuai
Process: Fully Washed. Dried on raised beds in Solar Driers.
Elevation: 4760-5085 ft

Ethiopia Guji Kercha
Process: Natural-Sun dried on raised beds
Variety: Typica
Elevation: 6233-6890 ft

Tasting Notes:  Almond, milk chocolate, bosenberry.

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Thank you and Happy Holidays from all of us at Ghost Town Coffee Roasters!