Rwanda Sholi Coop

We are excited to bring a beautiful new, dynamic coffee from the Sholi Coop in Rwanda for their very first coffee imported to the United States.   The Sholi Coop has been producing coffee for a decade. We’re proud to be the first roaster to bring their coffee to the US market. The Coop focuses heavily… READ MORE >

NOW OPEN: Ghost Town Coffee Shop

We are beyond excited to announce that after eleven years of local roasting and retail coffee sales, we have opened a new location.  All of our operations are at 104 Bridger Center Dr (next to the Panda Sinclair on Bridger Canyon Dr), where we have our first ever Ghost Town coffee shop and coffee lab,… READ MORE >

Valentine – Ghost Town Along Route 66 Ghost Town of the Month

This months ghost town is found off Route 66 in Arizona. The area around Valentine was established in 1898 when President William McKinley set aside land for an Indian School. The area was originally named Truxton and officially became Valentine in honor of Robert G. Valentine the commissioner of Indian Affairs.   In 1901, a… READ MORE >

Sunrise Ghost Town of the Month

Sunrise is a former mining camp near Hall, MT – situated between Drummond and Philipsburg.  It came about during the Waseca claim – the first patented mine in Montana.  It was deserted in the silver panic near the turn of the century.  Half a century later it was reopened with the hope that it could… READ MORE >

Independence Ghost Town of the Month

The ghost town of Independence is located in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area in the Gallatin National Forest.  It is south of the Natural Bridge near McLeod, Montana.  Independence is 10,000 ft above sea level.  Gold was first discovered in the 1860’s.   It took two decades before any significant mining would occur due to the… READ MORE >

Karst Camp – Big Sky, MT Ghost Town of the Month

Take a giant step back to the early days of Yellowstone tourism with a visit to Karst Camp, located near Big Sky, Montana, on Hwy 191, between Bozeman and West Yellowstone.  Drive 7.4 miles north of the junction to Big Sky. Cross the bridge and you’ll find a new subdivision of houses and cabins. Some… READ MORE >

Vipond Ghost Town of the Month

Vipond is located in the northern Pioneer Mountains at over 8000 ft in elevation.  It got its start when John Vipond discovered the Mewonitoc Lode in 1868, the following year his brother staked another claim which would become the Gray Jockey Mine.  Other prospectors followed but due to the lack of transportation, high elevation and… READ MORE >

New Chicago Ghost Town of the Month

 New Chicago was originally called West Chicago – located on the west bank of Flint Creek.  New Chicago was created to be a commercial trade and  transportation center between the junction of Mullan road, south of Drummond and Philipsurg.  The town had a Post Office where the founder of the  town, John A. Featherman, was… READ MORE >

Vandalia, MT Ghost Town of the Month

Vandalia, Montana is a small unincorporated community in Valley County, Montana.  One explanation of the name Vandalia is that it represented the early vandals of the area. But, it was more likely named after Vandalia, Illiniois. Vandalia was established in 1904 with a post office and a store. Situated on a siding of the Great… READ MORE >

Melrose Ghost Town of the Month

Melrose is located in the Silverbow County. It is not a mining camp but was rather a town that served as a supply depot for mining towns. It is at an elevation of just over 5,000 ft and is only 20 miles from the Continental Divide.  The fact that it is on a main highway… READ MORE >