Vandalia, MT Ghost Town of the Month

Vandalia, Montana is a small unincorporated community in Valley County, Montana.  One explanation of the name Vandalia is that it represented the early vandals of the area. But, it was more likely named after Vandalia, Illiniois. Vandalia was established in 1904 with a post office and a store. Situated on a siding of the Great… READ MORE >

Melrose Ghost Town of the Month

Melrose is located in the Silverbow County. It is not a mining camp but was rather a town that served as a supply depot for mining towns. It is at an elevation of just over 5,000 ft and is only 20 miles from the Continental Divide.  The fact that it is on a main highway… READ MORE >

Washoe Ghost Town of the Month

Instead of recreating an entry for Washoe, which is located at the foot of the Beartooth Mountains,  I wanted to share this blog I found by Sharon Hall, that has the history along with current status of the town.

Jardine Ghost Town of the Month

Jardine is a small, unincorporated village in Park County, MT. It is north of Gardiner on inactive travertine terraces. The town’s chief industry was a gold mine. By 1898, the mining camp contained 130 buildings. Bush was unsuccessful in running the camp and in 1903, the camp’s name was changed from Bush to Jardine. In… READ MORE >

Anaconda Cable Mine Ghost Town of the Month

The world’s largest gold nugget was found here and sold for $19,000 in the late 1800s.  The gold nugget was bought by W.A. Clark.  This is also the site of the Old Atlantic Cable Mine that was named as a tribute to the laying of the Trans-Atlantic cable and the camp that grew up around it… READ MORE >

Laurin Ghost Town of the Month

 Alder Gulch is the name of the general area where a number of mining camps were located including the better known   Virginia City as well as Laurin(pronounced locally as La-ray) and Alder itself.  As a supply center near Alder Gulch, Laurin  shared in the $100,000,000 riches of the gulch. The first strikes occurred in 1863… READ MORE >

Introductory Barista Class

We are now offering an introductory barista class. Have you ever wanted to learn how your favorite coffee house beverage is prepared?  Learn what skills and talent it takes for your favorite barista to make your favorite drink consistently every single day?  Or just needing a refresher for the skills and knowledge you already have?… READ MORE >

Coolidge, Montana Ghost Town of the Month

  Empty of people today, except those exploring, most of its buildings are slowly  tumbling to the ground.  Coolidge, was once a bustle of activity. Mining began in what became known as the Elkhorn Mining District, when rich veins of silver were discovered high in the Pioneer Mountains in 1872 by a man named Preston… READ MORE >

Frozen water vs. Espresso machine

In our coffee equipment service department we all too often take in equipment for repair that has been subject to improper storage.  This frequently includes espresso machines and coffee brewers that were not drained of water properly and were stored in a non-heated warehouse during our cold winter months.  We recently took in a La… READ MORE >

Bonanza, Idaho Ghost Town of the Month

The original gold find dates back to 1866.  Despite many flurries of activity no boom occurred for a decade.  In 1876, three men found an easy-to-work ledge.  The General Custer Mine was staked, then after some brief litigation, the miners old out for $286,000 ($286,000 of 1876 dollars would be worth: $6,355,555.56 in 2014).  In… READ MORE >