Danielsville Ghost Town of the Month

Near the towering peaks of the Flint Creek Range are the remains of Danielsville.  An old Frenchman discovered gold here just before the turn of the century.  The Frenchman attempted to lead prospectors to the gold but got lost in the heavy snows.  The prospectors turned back while the Frenchman continued on. His body was… READ MORE >

Mondak, Montana Ghost Town of the Month

It’s hard to find a ghost town that didn’t meet that fate as a result of mining; until I stumbled upon Mondak, MT.  This town located in Roosevelt County flourished between 1903-1919 in large part by selling alcohol to residents of North Dakota.   The town name of Mondak comes from joining the two states…. READ MORE >

Comet Ghost Town of the Month

East of Basin, MT along ore creek stands the Comet mine and a scattering of dilapidated buildings that once made up this town. This area was once known for its placer and hard rock mining.  The first recorded mining at Comet was in 1875 and within a decade 21,000 tons of ore had been taken… READ MORE >

Old Chico, Montana Ghost Town of the Month

In 1863 gold was discovered in the area of Chico, Montana. Mining began in the spring of 1864 where the miners worked in the area and lived in a settlement called Yellowstone City.   In 1865, the city was abandoned due to harassment by Crow Indians. After Yellowstone City’s fall, a new settlement was built… READ MORE >

Farlin Ghost Town of the Month

On Christmas Eve, 1875 the Farlin brothers recorded their Indian Queen mine just North of Argenta. This wasn’t the first time one of the brothers had made a claim in this location.  In the 1880’s iron ore was finally dug for processing – the small mining camp of Farlin was born. In 1903, the mine… READ MORE >

Animas Fork – Colorado Ghost Town of the Month

 Animas Forks is located 12 miles northeast of Silverton, Colorado and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. It is on a 65 mile loop of roads known as the  Alpine Loop. Over 100,000 people visit this loop each year. The towns first log cabin was built in 1873.  In 1875 silver was first discovered… READ MORE >

Kendall Ghost Town of the Month

 The ghost town of Kendall was situated in the North Moccasin Mountains in Fergus County near Lewistown,  Montana.  The highest peak in the range is 5,800 feet.   The town of Kendall contains several significant remains; a  general store, crumbled foundations of a town that once was, and the foundation of a two story building… READ MORE >

Kirkville, MT Ghost Town of the Month

  Kirkville was a mill town founded in 1888 due to insufficient water resources to run a larger mill at Granite.  It reached a population of 125 people who   were mainly mill workers.  It is located a mile south of Philipsburg on Douglas Creek and can be seen from Philipsburg – just look for the… READ MORE >

Coloma ‘Mystery Camp’ Ghost Town of the Month

Coloma lies a few miles above the Garnet Range in Missoula County at the end of a rutted trail.   It had the earliest known gold mining activity occur in the 1860’s.   The first lode claim was in 1879 by J.E. VanGundy of Deer Lodge and some of his partners.  The claim is known… READ MORE >

Armero, Colombia Ghost Town of the Month

The town of Armero was located 100 miles from Bogota in Colombia’s most fertile agricultural region.  It was founded in 1895 but not officially recognized until 1908.  It was originally named San Lorenzo and was changed to Armero in 1930 to honor the memory of Jose Leon Armero, a national hero who died fighting for… READ MORE >