From Farmer to Roaster

Coffee trees produce berries that are called coffee cherries.  Inside these cherries are the coffee seed (bean).  They turn bright red or yellow depending on the variety when they are ripe and ready to pick.  The skin (exocarp) is thick and bitter although the fruit beneath (mesocarp) the skin is sweet with the texture of… READ MORE >

Red Lion, Montana Ghost Town of the Month

Red Lion is located up the North Fork of Flint Creek in Granite County.   Red Lion dates back to about 1875 when gold was discovered. A mill was built by the Red Lion Company in the late 1890’s with another mill constructed in the early 1900’s. At its peak in 1906, Red Lion was home… READ MORE >

The Hottest Place On Earth – Dallol, Ethiopia Ghost Town of the Month

Dallol is a ghost town in the Northern part of Ethiopia and is listed as one of the 10 hottest places on Earth.   It was a settlement  in the Afar region with an elevation of 130 meters (430 ft) below sea level.   The average annual temperature of 94 degrees F was recorded in 1960-1966…. READ MORE >

Ghost Town Stout – Collaboration with Bridger Brewing

Ghost Town Coffee was approached by Bridger Brewing – Bozeman, Montana’s newest brewery about collaborating on a new stout beer flavored with just the right hint of coffee.   Our staff sampled various coffees paired with the stout to find the perfect match.  This limited edition batch of brew will contain Bridger Brewing’s stout combined… READ MORE >

Coffee Processing – What is it?

The fruit of the coffee tree is called the coffee cherry.  The coffee beans are the seed of that coffee cherry.  Two seeds normally grow within each cherry. The coffee cherry contains many layers that need to be removed prior to roasting, grinding and drinking that fresh cup of coffee.  These layers are the outer… READ MORE >

Glendale, Montana Ghost Town of the Month

The Glendale ghost town is located in Beaverhead, MT. There are still historians who are undecided on how Glendale got its name. Some accounts mention Clifton being the alternate name to Glendale. The fate of the town name came down to the luck of the toss. Clifton was written on one side of a wood… READ MORE >

Rimini, Montana

The Montana ghost town of Rimini, pronounced (Rim-uh-nee) lies between Helena and McDonald Pass off Highway 12.  Rimini is on Tenmile Creek with Red Mountain on the east and Lee Mountain on the west.  It was established when silver lodes were discovered in 1864. By the 1800’s rail connections took the ore to Wickes for processing and… READ MORE >

Garnet, Montana

Garnet is a ghost town in Granite County, Montana, United States. Located on the dirt Wallace Creek Road, it is an abandoned mining town from the 1860s. In First Chance Creek in western Montana, the town is at the edge of the high desert in the Front Range, but sheltered in a forest. The town is at about 6,000 feet (1,800 m) elevation. Garnet… READ MORE >

Elkhorn, Montana

South of Helena are the last remains of a classic, scantily inhabited ghost town called Elkhorn.  From the false-fronted balconied Fraternity Brothers Hall to the bullet marks on cabins, to the emporium, to broken window glass, to creaking doors, to the hotels, to the Elkhorn and Midnight Bell Queen and Golden Curry mines, to the… READ MORE >

The Birth of Coffee

Ghost Town Coffee Roasters is honored to be involved with Linda Rice Lorenzetti and Daniel Lorenzetti along with the Museum of the Rockies in The Birth of Coffee exhibit. The Birth of Coffee runs from February 23rd – May 5th in the Front Gallery of the Museum of the Rockies. The Birth of Coffee Every… READ MORE >