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Coffee Review 92 Point Recipient. 

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In 2013, Marcelline Budza, inspired by her mother's resilience, established Rebuild Women's Hope along the shores of the coffee-producing region of Lake Kivu, Congo. The cooperative provides stability and opportunity to the producers of the region through micro-loans, health care, and incentive programs. The majority of producers in this region are women, and the cooperative believes that "building the hope of women is building the hope of an entire nation."  

Elevation: 6562 ft
Process: Washed
Varietal: Bourbon
Tasting Notes: Macadamia nuts, pipe tobacco, plantain, cedar

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Our Team

Meet Ghost Town's fine crew!

Aaron Hoffman

Service Tech

Productive, Intuitive, and mechanically inclined, Aaron can take any espresso machine apart and put it back together (and does everyday). Originally from Idaho, and loves golf and snowboarding. His favorite drink from the cafe is an almond milk latte with honey and cinnamon.

Kaycee Gilbert

Production Manager

With her favorite part about Bozeman being Bridger Bowl, Kaycee is a true lover of ski season. She also loves jumping into mountain lakes in the summer. Her favorite drink is an Oat Milk Latte, and she hails from the land of Fountain, CO.

Taylor Ross

Service Tech, Barista

Known as “T Rowdy,” Taylor is from Charlotte, NC and loves climbing, hunting, and just about anything outdoors. His favorite drink is a Cortado or single origin espresso, and his favorite bagged coffee is the Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe. 

Tanner Hackwith

Barista, Media Director

Like a shark that stops swimming, Tanner might die if he’s not doing something creative. He loves bright fruity pour-overs and creating unique drinks for the cafe. Originally from Montana, he majored in film during college, and runs a wedding photography company with his wife!

Kate Hackwith

Baker, Barista

Known to brighten up your day like a ray of sunshine, Kate brings enthusiasm to each day in the cafe! Originally from South Dakota, she’s obsessed with the mountains around Bozeman. She loves to hike, bake, puzzle, and runs a Wedding Photography company with her husband. Her favorite coffee origin is Ethiopia for the warm and bright fruit notes.

Kayla White

Barista, Baker

The smiliest person around! Originally from Three Forks, she loves to paint at home with a cup of Costa Rica, and is currently studying Sociology at MSU. Her biggest responsibility is to keep the plants alive at Ghost Town, and her favorite part of Bozeman is “las montañas”.

Samantha Talley


Sam, the queen of dad jokes, was born in Flint, MI but has lived in Montana for a number of years. Her favorite drink is a honey americano, and loves to flash-brew Ethiopian coffees. She’s currently a student at MSU studying History & Education!

Ashley Peoples


Her sweet home was Florence Alabama, but loves Montana and the outdoors. Ashley's favorite drink is a Nitro Cold Brew. She is currently studying conservation biology at MSU. You can also find her hiking with Simon, the very vocal Alaskan Malamute. 

In-house Bakery

Pumpkin Spice Cookie - Holding it's reputation as best cookie in the west.

In-house Bakery

New baked goods featured weekly; offering classic, vegan, and gluten free options daily.

New Location Grand Opening

We are very excited to announce our second cafe, located in the Black Olive apartment building at the intersection of Black Ave and Olive Street. Opening June, 2020!

Cafe & Roastery

Our cafe, located on the North-East side of Bozeman, focuses on being a welcoming space to enjoy a specialty coffee, meet with friends, or catch up on some work.

Cafe & Roastery

Our cafe, located on the North-East side of Bozeman, focuses on being a welcoming space to enjoy a specialty coffee, meet with friends, or catch up on some work.

Cafe & Roastery Location

104 Bridger Center Dr

Bozeman, MT 59715

Mon - Sat, 7am - 5pm
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