Coffee Can Virtual Tip Jar

Coffee Can Virtual Tip Jar


An earnest and grateful request from Ghost Town Coffee Roasters. 

As COVID-19 and it's effects take hold of our world, with both our health and our economy, we at Ghost Town Coffee are trying to do everything we can to keep our business going.  One integral part of this, is doing our level best to keep our wonderful crew working and earning a paycheck.  As with so many, we are feeling the economic strain from this pandemic, as our sales have sharply fallen.  

We've added this new 'item' to our offerings to help us offset payroll expenses as we continue to keep a paychecks in the hands of our staff.   It is a virtual tip jar of sorts. Finances are tough for so many of us right now, but if you feel like you can afford to add a 'tip' to your order, every dollar of these funds will go towards offsetting the pay that we are trying so hard to provide for our crew.  

The coffee can pictured is the same one we use in our cafe to collect the generous tips that our baristas earn during their shifts. 

All tips collected will go to both our retail cafe staff and our wholesale production crew.

We are of course always grateful to those who continue to buy coffee through our website.  

Thank you from all of us at Ghost Town Coffee!