Costa Rica - Tarrazu
Costa Rica - Tarrazu

Costa Rica - Tarrazu


The popular Costa Rican coffee growing region of Tarrazu is a high elevation area located in the municipality of Rosario. Locally, this region is affectionately named “Los Santos,” as many of the surrounding towns are named after saints. The area is fondly referred to as the Area of the Saints. The cultivation and exportation of Tarrazu coffees drive the local economy, making coffee growth essential to the socioeconomic success of area. During harvesting season, the population of Los Santos nearly triples.

Tasting Notes: Papaya, Orange Blossom, Black Tea, Honey

Elevation:  4100-5400

Varietal:  90% Caturra, 10% Typica

Process:  Washed, sun dried on patio

Region:  Tarrazu